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Unplug – and Unfriend Facebook?

This Friday at sundown marks the annual National Day of Unplugging, otherwise known as Shabbat. unnamed
The National Day of Unplugging, which was birthed by Reboot, is a “24 hour period – running from sundown to sundown – and starts on the first Friday in March. The project is an outgrowth of The Sabbath Manifesto, an adaption of our ancestors’ ritual of carving out one day per week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with loved ones.”

Lab/Shul salutes  the National Day of Unplugging this year by unplugging. 
Join us and download your unplug sign.

Want more digital well-being?
Join Amichai on Monday, March 9 to continue the #UNPLUG conversation at the next monthly 
FallowLab Salon #5:  “Social Network or Social Networth?”
Let’s talk about getting off Facebook and what that means – perhaps as one way to improve our actual-virtual balance. How can the biblical Shmita model provide tools for our contemporary well-being? In NYC and online via webinar  – join the conversation: fallowlab.com.