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Upcoming Action: Call Your Senator


Lab/Shul Upcoming Action


Call Your Senator
Healthcare is a Right

Call your Senator and let them know that healthcare is a right, not a privilege reserved for the wealthy. The “healthcare” bill currently being considered by the Senate, without opportunity for public input, will leave 23 million more Americans without health insurance. Our Jewish values proclaim that every person is inherently worthy of life and value – and in our modern society, that means health care. Yes, there is compromise in politics, but no compromise in human dignity and healthcare access.

You can find your Senators’ names and multiple phone numbers here.

And you can use the short and simple script:.

Hello, my name is _______. I live in _______ and I am a constituent of Senator _________. I am calling to let them know that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. This current healthcare bill will leave millions uninsured. Please do not vote for it and encourage other Senators to do the same. Thank you for your time.



Click here for a helpful list of tips, tools, and resources to support your fight for justice.