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Video: Honor Thy Shamash

Hanukkah was great…and it ain’t over yet! Today is the ninth day of Hanukkah – a lesser known Lab/Shul way to honor the ninth candle – the Shamash, the dedicated torch that lights up all others.

Who is a Shamash in your life?

How are you the Shamash for a brighter world?

We are proud to be YOUR Shamash year round, and would love you to light us up in return. Please honor all the moments we’ve shared so far with a year-end tax-deductible gift to co-create more radical light in the world.

Check out our brand new video with a reminder of how Lab/Shul has been a Shamash to so many in 2015. Then double your donation with a corporate match – scroll down for details!

2015: What Does Lab/Shul Mean to You?

Corporate Matching Program?
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and/or employees’ spouses. Please check with your human resources department to secure the form you may need to submit to your employer. Thank You!

Don’t let the lights go out!

Happy Night #9

– Amichai & the Lab/Shul Team