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We Unplugged to…

We unplugged to: play, replug, hug, think (more clearly), breath, be, dance, kiss, experience longing and more.. This past SHABBAT AM at Lab/Shul was a gorgeous mix of music and learning, unplugging and reconnecting. Thank you REBOOT for all the help and inspiration. Here’s to the next National Day of Unplugging. Check out the pix, the vid clip and a bit of what went on: 
i unplug to 2 i unplug to 1

With apology to Allen Ginsberg and a not of thanks to Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldeberg we screened their short vid  YELP, a prophetic call to unplug and be more present. 

And as for Leviticus – can disconnecting technology be our modern version of sacrifices? giving up something dear to come closer to what matters most? We had a  great discussion. 
 amichai and sheep sacrificehands kidsphoto 1kids circle 2photo 2amichai and sheep sacrifice
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