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Weekly Action: April 10th-16th

Week of April 10th-16th


Seder in the Streets with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

In the face of deportations, border walls, hate crimes, religious bigotry and police violence, Pesach is a gift from the very heart of our traditions, giving us the strength to take action and the tools to change our own story. Just when we need it most, it reminds us that we know how to resist oppression and win. JFREJ’s giant Seder in the Streets will celebrate our 5777-year history of resistance and demand that our political leaders stand up to the administration and create real sanctuary, real safety and real justice for all New Yorkers. Please join us as we celebrate our strength as a community and demonstrate our commitment to the liberation of all people.

RSVP to JFREJ here.

And let Rabbi Kerry know you’re joining her at [email protected].

Date/Times and Locations: Thursday, April 13th: 4:15 at City Hall Steps, 5:30 -7:15PM at Foley Square.



Click here for a helpful list of tips, tools, and resources to support your fight for justice.