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Welcome to Open Heart: Lab/Shul High Holy Days 5776/2015

hhd2015-rt-amichaiI’m honored and excited to invite you to join Lab/Shul on our third journey into a new year. We’ll be at a brand new location with a brand new, even more everybody-friendly way to participate in these holy days…and all year round.

Welcome to Open Heart: High Holy Days 5776/2015.

We are celebrating this year uptown at The New York Academy of Medicine, where we’ll open our hearts and minds to reflect, reconnect, and restart.

Our ritual team has expanded, the Lab/Jr. program for kids of all ages is ready to rock, and my PREPENT 40 day blog leading up into Yom Kippur will launch on 8/17, getting us all into the groove of getting real and renewing our lives.

Enjoy the rest of summer, see you in the fall!

Amichai & the Lab/Shul team