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What’s up with texting on the Sabbath? How digital life is changing the Jewish Sabbath

Jewish, religious or not: this fascinating article on Tablet explores the new reality for observant Jewish youth – torn between loyalty to the religious life they know and the pull to never unplug. Is audiobook OK but tex’ing taboo in a god-ordained society? These changes are major, and challenge both the religious mindset – and our endless digital drive.

“For current modern orthodox high-school kids, using a phone on Shabbat seems to fall anywhere between kissing before marriage and eating a ham sandwich: It’s definitely not allowed, but the degree to which it ostracizes one from the community is still up for debate.”



As the Orthodox Half Sabbath crowd is growing and many of us are figuring out best unplugging practices that stick – we get to ask important questions  about our tech. needs, evolving lifestyle, changing norms for better or worse and/or both.  That’s what I want to check this next year here at fallowlab…