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Why I Prepent?

I started the Prepent blog five years ago because I wanted to prepare and practice, like a marathon runner, way ahead of the High Holy Days intensity. I like the notion that each new year gives me the option of reviewing the year that was, count my blessings, take a good look in the mirror, own the challenges, and commit to fixing what I can for a better year, a better me, a better world. Repent is just a loaded word for ‘take charge of your life.’

But you can’t just show up and say I’m sorry. Gotta prep. I wanted not only to begin a new year with much needed clarity and focus, but to also to invite my friends and community to join this not so simple journey and tag along. The public accountability helps me retain my commitment to this process. Like with all deadlines, I’ll take whatever it takes to help take me deeper, higher, and better within to reach the goal.

The last four years of Prepent blogs were very inspiring and effective, and I’m excited and honored to be here again. 

Starting on the first of Elul, August 26th, I’ll post a brief (tweet size!) daily note with do’s, tips, ideas, with the hope that my personal musings will inspire others to take this process seriously and that an interesting and beneficial conversation will emerge.

This year, I divide the 40 days into 4 units, pieces of the larger puzzle or our perpetual repenting process: Harvest, Farewell, Fix, and Intention.

  • Harvest – gather the gifts I have learned and received and am celebrating from this past year –flavors, ideas, relationships, places, inspirations: Gratitude.
  • Farewell – what and who did I part with this past year? What other farewells will enable me to live life with more joy and honesty? Goodbye.
  • Fix – The list of some very specific things in my life that require repair and change for the better: Courage.
  • Intention – Start the new year with resolutions that come with deep commitment within towards a life fully worth living: Truth.

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