For centuries, Jews have marked their doorposts with a mezuzah, Hebrew for ‘doorpost’, a container of sacred scriptures that serve as tribal markers, mystical protectors and reminders of a higher purpose in life. In some traditions, the mezuza is kissed at each entry and exit.

We thought it would be fantastic to celebrate Lab/Shul’s first year by sanctifying our threshold and placing a mezuza at our gate as we share a blessing for the future. 

But we’re a pop-up congregation, co-creating experiences in different venues, doorless by design, for now.

So instead, we invite you for a Mezoozah Makeover, reinventing ritual together, and sanctifying a doorway not in space, but in time.

Join us at the Gala to co-create a new threshold ritual that will become a Lab/Shul tradition – sealed with a kiss.

We will also be privileged to be creating individually unique mezoozot during the event – to take home, guided by the recipient of our first Ritual Award, Tobi Kahn.

Why Mezoozah? | Ritualist Award | Honoring our Founding Co-Creators

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