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Wisdoms & Photos from Red Sea Tea Party

Passover is over. The worn freedom metaphor, useful at so many (too many??) gatherings and holiday events this past week, can rest and leave us living our lives with hopes of a bit more awareness of the little and large privileges that come with all our freedoms – and how much more inner work there is to be danced with towards real freedom within. 
IMG_0117The grand finale was an afternoon tea party at Project ORE, a senior center on the Lower East Side that caters to homeless and formerly homeless seniors, about 50% Jewish. I invited the community to come to the center and bring music, treats, games, tea, and stories. The last day of Passover is mythically the day of Messiah; if Moses kicks off the human freedom campaign then the future messianic days (whatever that may be) promise the complete package.

What may that look like for you? I asked those present – from ages 4 to 92, rich and poor, black and white, Chinese and Jewish and all in between. Bala, long white bearded bard who has spent years on the streets said, “This is it – right now – all of us here together.” Gabe, 4, said he wanted a world of kissing all the time. And so it went. Bunny Cohen, 92 years young, perked up to the banjo and started singing songs from the “hooteananies we used to throw down here 50 years ago.”

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