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Young families make new friends – on an ARK!

ssf2Lab/Shul educators Shawn Shafner and Naomi Less have been on a journey this past year – learning how we, the Lab/Shul community can engage families with children 0-4.  Through a generous grant, professional development sessions and one-on-one mentoring from the Jewish Education Project, Lab/Shul introduced STORAHSTEPS – Lab/Shul’s unique educational programming proposition for young families.  Partnering with Franny Silverman, Educational Director of Kolot Chayeinu and long time Storahtelling artist, Shawn and Naomi created a series of programs that open up our ancient stories and allow families to step into them – through music, art, crafts, and physical storytelling. 

See a few pictures from our 2nd program this past Shabbat – Saturday Jan. 18th.
shawn and sunny naomi and adin

Jake and lucialucia
If your family is interested in joining Shawn and Naomi for our next session – it’s on January 25th at 1:30pm at Kolot Chayeinu in Brooklyn.

Details are HERE.
RSVP as limited spaces are available.

Storah Steps flier 2 jpg